JLOCJoint Logistics Operations Center (US DoD)
JLOCJewish Life on Campus (Hillel)
JLOCJoint Logistics Operations Centre (DPKO)
JLOCJunior League of Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)
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McCreery explained the JLOC has a "graduated response plan" in place to immediately add personnel and a third shift when needed.
13, the JLOC had helped coordinate the delivery of more than 6.
In addition to the liaison officers who went to work with other organizations, FEMA and USACE sent LNOs to work in the JLOC to better facilitate communications, Hackett said.
The JLOC plays an important role in that communication," he said.
Those LNOs allow JLOC staff to collect a variety of information so they can present needs to leaders at DLA Headquarters and the agency's primary-level field activities, McCreery said.
Despite the ramped up support to Sandy relief efforts, the JLOC has continued to focus on supporting warfighters worldwide, specifically in the U.
The agency continues to ensure and the JLOC monitors delivery of more than 60 million gallons of fuel to warfighters in Afghanistan and elsewhere and maintained a food supply large enough to keep troops fed for more than two months," he said.
The final two rotations will see the individual intern serving as a member of the JLOC and as the executive assistant to the vice director of logistics.
18, 2003--Standard & Poor's Ratings Services today announced that it had assigned preliminary ratings to JLOC VI Ltd.