JLOTJudgment of Line Orientation Test (neurology)
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In this regard, the JLOT scores of the SLD group with reading deficit are meaningfully lower than those of the control group (14).
The results showed that JLOT and Spatial Span accounted for 32% of visuospatial learning variance in the PD group, F(2, 40) = 8.
Tanto la ejecucion en el JLOT (r= 0,592; p<0,001) como en LE-D (r= 0,611; p<0,001) correlacionaron positivamente con la puntuacion total del 8/30 SRT.
97th TC (HB) provided (2) x LCUs with assigned crews to conduct waterborne transportation of cargo and personnel ISO JLOTS 2013 exercise.
Power generation to support the JLOTS and critical mission command systems.
A training exercise such as JLOTS contributes significantly to the brigade's ability to perform this type of mission anywhere in the world.
As the Army's executive agent for JLOTS, SDDC's responsibilities include planning, execution, resourcing, guidance and training oversight for JLOTS exercises to improve Army power projection, force deployment, and logistics support to the warfighter.
JLOTS is a key enabler to many combatant command operation plans.
JLOTS 06 will exercise the Department of Defense's ability to deploy, discharge, and conduct reception, staging, and deployment of unit equipment and sustainment in a scenario that requires ships to offload while still offshore.
The exercise exposed many of my Soldiers to the tasks they would face in opening/operating a port with subordinate units or planning for JLOTS Operations.
JLOTS is among the tools in the combatant commander's kit bag to support the fight or to execute disaster relief.
In the war plans that we've got for the United States military, JLOTS plays an important role," said Maj.