JLOTSjoint logistics over-the-shore (US DoD)
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97th TC (HB) provided (2) x LCUs with assigned crews to conduct waterborne transportation of cargo and personnel ISO JLOTS 2013 exercise.
Power generation to support the JLOTS and critical mission command systems.
A training exercise such as JLOTS contributes significantly to the brigade's ability to perform this type of mission anywhere in the world.
As the Army's executive agent for JLOTS, SDDC's responsibilities include planning, execution, resourcing, guidance and training oversight for JLOTS exercises to improve Army power projection, force deployment, and logistics support to the warfighter.
JLOTS is a key enabler to many combatant command operation plans.
JLOTS 06 will exercise the Department of Defense's ability to deploy, discharge, and conduct reception, staging, and deployment of unit equipment and sustainment in a scenario that requires ships to offload while still offshore.
Each geographic combatant commander has overall responsibility for JLOTS operations in his area of responsibility.
According to the commander, it was the largest JLOTS ever in terms of personnel and equipment--the exercise has been taking place for about 15 years in different locations, sponsored by different combatant commands.
JLOTS is a key enabler to many Combatant Commander Operations Plans (OPLANS), and allows a heavy force to be moved from ship-to-shore without the benefit of a modern deep water port.
The tags used in JLOTS 93 ended up at a wide variety of destinations, including Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center, Twentynine Palms, California; Fort Knox, Kentucky; the Department of Energy in Columbus, Ohio; and McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Oklahoma.
Called a joint logistics-over-the-shore, or JLOTS, operation, the effort allows vehicles and equipment loaded aboard Navy fast sealift ships to be brought ashore by Army watercraft.