JLUJustice League Unlimited (TV show)
JLUJilin University (China)
JLUJustus Liebig University (Giessen, Germany)
JLUJesus Loves You
JLUJamaican Language Unit (University of the West Indies; Mona, Jamaica)
JLUJoint Language University
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SC: What do you think having JLU come to Canada adds to the current comic book universe?
Instead, I focused on one area--the James Bay area [where JLU sets up its new base]--and I tried to really capture the feel of that place and use a real setting to ground the big cosmic adventures.
SC: JLU is getting a lot of attention for its newest character, Miiyahbin Marten, code-named Equinox, a Cree teenage superheroine from Moose Factory, Ontario, whose power stems from the Earth and changes with the seasons.
German students prepared Web Project I, a compilation of biographical sketches and university information, in order to introduce both themselves and their community to the JLU English students (click here to sample pages from Web Project I).
During Phase IV, the JLU students discussed their experiences in the telecollaborative partnership from practical and theoretical perspectives.
student and approximately 20 JLU students were turned away at the beginning of the German semester.
The beginning of the collaboration between BGU and JLU began at a similar conference in China a year ago when we decided the two innovation and entrepreneurship centers should join forces.
The fit between JLU and BGU seems to be perfect as entrepreneurship and innovation are driving forces in both.
Yang Zhenbin (pictured below), Chairman of the University Council, JLU, Yet, while global trade is shrinking, bilateral trade between China and Israel has increased.
On Wednesday afternoon, JLU and BGU signed a Memorandum of Understanding to further extend the collaboration into additional fields of interest during a visit to BGUs Marcus Family Campus in Beer-Sheva.
The agreement emerged through the cooperation of the universities two innovation centers: the Bengis Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management at BGU and the China-Israel Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Faculty of Economics at JLU.
The building A contains the main auditorium of the largest auditorium of the JLU with approximately 700m2 and 1,000 seats and is centrally located in the campus culture and humanities with around 10,000 students.