JLUJustice League Unlimited (TV show)
JLUJilin University (China)
JLUJustus Liebig University (Giessen, Germany)
JLUJesus Loves You
JLUJamaican Language Unit (University of the West Indies; Mona, Jamaica)
JLUJoint Language University
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The grant to JLU is being made through UGS' Global Opportunities in Product Lifecycle Management (GO PLM) initiative.
German students prepared Web Project I, a compilation of biographical sketches and university information, in order to introduce both themselves and their community to the JLU English students (click here to sample pages from Web Project I).
During Phase IV, the JLU students discussed their experiences in the telecollaborative partnership from practical and theoretical perspectives.
student and approximately 20 JLU students were turned away at the beginning of the German semester.
This feature of the institutional setting constrained telecollaboration to such an extent for Anke and Catharina that they suggested that Internet access at home become a prerequisite for enrollment in the JLU Proseminar.
In fact, two German students, Verena and Christa, dropped out of the JLU Proseminar after Phase III was completed.
In Phase II, 216 e-mail messages were exchanged: 102 were written by PSU students, while 114 were written by JLU students.
Jennifer was disappointed that her German partners at JLU did not raise this point and related her lack of learning in this respect to the partners' perceived lack of participation which she, in turn, related to their institutionally constrained conceptualization of the significance of Web Project II: "Our partners said at the beginning I don't think Ben liebt Anna is really racism but they didn't explain why and then I found out why and I was like'oh' .
In a June 21, 2001 e-mail to the author, the JLU instructor explained the circumstances surrounding the German students' first contact with Web Project I on their first day of class in mid October 2000:
The misalignment of the German and American academic calendars compelled the JLU instructor to accomplish a great deal in the first class period.
All training is tracked on the JLU learning management system where more than one million hours of training are recorded each year.