JLWAJames Lee Witt Associates (Washington, DC)
JLWAJ.L. White and Associates, Inc. (Manassas, VA)
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JLWA has one of the most experienced teams of mitigation specialists in the industry, having provided extensive support to clients both domestically and internationally.
JLWA is headed by the former Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
Mark Merritt, President, JLWA and Andrew Sachs, Vice President, Crisis and Consequence Management, JLWA will be on-site to exhibit Global Options Group's wide-range of service offerings.
JLWA has unrivaled experience and hands-on knowledge of public safety, disaster mitigation, continuity of operations, and emergency management issues.
This is a unique opportunity to make a significant difference for students, faculty and Pennsylvania residents across the state," said James Lee Witt, president of JLWA and former director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
JLWA efforts included an assessment of the State's level of preparedness and recommendations to help better prepare residents from natural, man-made, and technological threats.
Prior to joining JLWA, Goodman established Goodman Communications, LLC.
JLWA was hired by Pepco Holdings to conduct a review of the utility's emergency preparedness for, and response to, Hurricane Isabel, which struck the Eastern Coast of the United States on September 18, 2003, leaving millions without power.
JLWA will support the State of Iowa in three primary areas: coordination and strategic planning for long-term disaster recovery; facilitating the delivery of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) programs/other federal programs; and providing technical assistance and programmatic guidance to State of Iowa and local governments and qualifying private, non-profit organizations, impacted by the disaster.
As part of this review and analysis, JLWA will look at numerous issues including storm preparation, power restoration priorities, customer service and an overall assessment of the response.
Witt and JLWA will assist the organization with its vision of growth as a national and internationally recognized authority on building safety codes.