JMACJoint Mission Analysis Centre (UN)
JMACJoint Medical Advisory Committee (UK)
JMACJohn Muafangejo Art Centre (visual arts; est. 1994; Namibia)
JMACJersey Model Aero Club (UK; est. 1960)
JMACJoint Munitions Allocation Committee
JMACJapan Management Association Consultants
JMACJoint Management Advisory Committee (management team)
JMACJoint Maritime Assault Connector
JMACJoint Mortuary Affairs Center (US DoD)
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The JMAC biocides are effective at very small ppm addition levels and offer low viscosity liquid dispersion.
However, the Army must also consider what's already known to our Marines, such as amphibious ships with well decks to store and load JMACs, corrosion control when operating from air cushioned vehicles, and a myriad of tactical-level amphibious assault logistical considerations.
JMAC, a unit of the Japan Management Association, is known for its expertise in consulting services for Japanese automakers and has provided consulting services to Ford's European operations since 1992.
Gross held the position of Associate Vice President of Business Development at JMAC, Inc.
based JMAC Lending, a lender offering diversified product lines and competitive pricing to the wholesale funding market.
If I was trying to have a hidden agenda I would not have JMAC.
In particular, the shareholders acknowledged the resignations of Romain Zaleski, Corporacion JMAC B.
At least in terms of the JMAC (Joint Ministerial Advisory Committee) report, I feel that we've made a significant contribution to the process.
And then Roy Bird, who's the co-chair of JMAC at Montreal Lake.
After that the JMAC report will go to the Justice department for drafting and probably be introduced for first reading in the House of Commons in June.
Prior to forming JMAC in 1999, Rob was Vice-President of Sales and Marketing with American Mortgage Network, San Francisco (1990-1994).
Before coming to Worthington, Christie most recently was president of JMAC, Inc.