JMAPJoint Military Appreciation Process (Australia)
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5) The nature of these operations has meant that COG analysis often had to be applied more flexibly than the JMAP doctrine seemed to intend (for example, by being applied to nonadversarial actors within an area of operations).
The recent review of the JMAP commenced in accordance with the ADF's joint doctrine review cycle, which stipulates that all publications should be reviewed every 3 to 5 years.
The final decision about how to fit COG analysis within the JMAP resulted from a thorough evaluation of ADF operational requirements and the theoretical literature, supported by extensive consultation with key stakeholders.
First, the role of COG analysis relative to other components of the JMAP was altered.
The acquisition is the armed forces of prior Navielektro Ky-supplied JMAP TDF-interface solution for further development.
By re-baselining the catalog, JMAPS will improve current performance and pave the way for a host of new technologies," said Lt.
End-users ultimately benefit from improvements in the products and capabilities JMAPS provides that are critical to today's warfighting needs.
Together, NRL and USNO have assembled the best team of managers, scientists and engineers to execute the JMAPS mission.
NRL's primary responsibility for the JMAPS program is to construct the satellite that has two major elements designed to support the overall mission of collecting pertinent star data.