JMARJoint Medical Asset Repository
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He also said that JMAR is close to completing development of a family of high performance products generated by its new, all solid state laser technology.
Under a contract awarded by General Dynamics in 1998, JMAR supported the DMEA in the design and construction of the ARMS foundry.
JMAR is a robust Web application that uses leading-edge technology to store medical logistics asset information for medical logistics units, planners, hospitals, and deployed forces around the globe.
Primuth, director of JMAR USA, who just moved the office from San Diego to New York City, said, "With Japan Business Infolink, a company can make Japanese market inquiries in English and quickly receive high-quality information in English.
Another JMAR product with recent exposure is their lightweight double pulse laser that allows personnel to determine the composition of suspected explosives from a safe distance.
Frost & Sullivan recognized BioSentry[R] as the leading innovative approach to water quality monitoring and selected JMAR for their 2008 Biological Detection Product of the Year Award.
As part of this initiative, JMAR representatives are attending a conference in Washington, D.
For further information on JMAR Technologies, please visit www.
Winso, President of the subsidiary, who will also serve as Vice President of Business Development for JMAR CBRNE products.
The prototype is a shoebox-sized portable system based on JMAR's proprietary BriteLight[TM] system, and developed by JMAR in response to a U.
The interview will discuss JMAR Technologies' transition from the development stage to commercialization and highlight the recent results of a testing program carried out by the U.
JMAR is in a critical stage of its transition from government-funded R&D to a commercially-driven R&D center of excellence," said Neil Beer, President and CEO of JMAR.