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JMBJama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh
JMBJournal of Molecular Biology
JMBJamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (Islamic terrorist group)
JMBJoint Matriculation Board
JMBJournal of Mathematical Biology
JMBJames M. Bennett High School (Salisbury, MD)
JMBJournal of Mathematical Behaviour
JMBJoint Maintenance Board
JMBJaguar Marching Band (various schools)
JMBJenin Martyr's Brigade (Egypt)
JMBJournal Message Block
JMBJournal of Microbiology and Biotechnology (Korean Society for Microbiology and Biotechnology)
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Hundreds of JMB leaders and activists were rounded up while six top leaders of the group, including Shaikh Abdur Rahman, were hanged in 2007.
Ken Sacks, co-CEO of JMB Insurance, said, 'We are very fortunate to have Chris' relevant analytical capabilities and in-depth understanding of insight for decision making at the speed required for deal closure.
Security experts fear that the focus of law enforcement agencies in tackling the unrest, has created space for the extremist elements like the JMB to reorganise after years of anti-militancy clampdown virtually destroyed their networks.
Interestingly, the districts pinpointed by Modi's security advisers -- after a whirlwind Bengal trip to generate sensationalism -- as JMB infested are the ones where Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) wants a toehold before the 2016 state assembly elections at all costs.
JMB is proud to join the Clinton Global Initiative with its model for green development that will benefit the environment and the economy while putting people back to work," said JMB Realty Corporation Senior Vice President Patrick Meara.
An RSC 440mm web width vertical inspection slitter/rewinder inspection machine for unsupported film was installed in JMB Labels' production floor.
Protein Viewer will allow all readers to readily visualize and manipulate molecular structures from within the article, without the need for specialized stand-alone graphics software," said Peter Wright, Editor-in-Chief of JMB.
Sector Marketing, based in Clevedon near Bristol, has bought out sales and lead generation specialist The JMB Partnership, of Wellesbourne, Warwickshire.
A West Country marketing and events management agency is the new owner of Warwickshire sales and lead generation specialist JMB Partnership.
The JMB has close links with terror groups in Pakistan.
Otherwise, the JMB threatened to kill our local staff," the officer said.
Yesterday the first two Jimmy Mizen Apprentices started work at Leather-market JMB, the firm where he did work experience weeks before his death in May last year.