JMCPJoint Mission Capability Package
JMCPJournal of Managed Care Pharmacy
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I have always turned to JMCP for the latest research on formulary and clinical management," said Happe.
Other AMCP activities related to specialty pharmacy include the establishment of a Biosimilars Task Force, which was announced at AMCP Nexus 2013 in October and supported by Armada Health Care and the Specialty Pharmacy Association of America (SPAARx), and AMCP's summer 2013 Specialty Drug Management Summit: Integrating the Medical and Pharmacy Benefit Silos, the proceedings of which will be published in JMCP.
Expansion lets us reach a much broader audience than Academy members," said JMCP editor-in-chief John Mackowiak, PhD.
The award-winning article, "Association of Prescription Abandonment with Cost Share for High-Cost Specialty Pharmacy Medications," was published in the October 2009 issue of JMCP.
In addition to the more well-known impacts, the new JMCP article revealed that nearly 10 percent of the reported adverse patient outcomes were increased readmissions due to drug shortage related treatment failures.
Prime received JMCP Award for Excellence honors in 2010 for its research examining the relationship between member out-of-pocket (OOP) costs and the number of patients who abandon high-cost specialty medications.
We reviewed several excellent candidates for this position," said Eric Cannon, a member of the AMCP Board of Directors and the Chair of the JMCP Search Committee.
The 2011 honorable mention was awarded for "Analysis of the Comparative Effectiveness of 3 Oral Bisphosphonates in a Large Managed Care Organization: Adherence, Fracture Rates, and All-Cause Cost," which was published in the October 2011 issue of JMCP.
Also, I want to remind everyone wishing to participate in the Royalty Trust that some brokers are not currently allowing open purchase orders of JMCP common shares.
KILLEEN, Texas -- Frank Love, the President of James Monroe Capital (PINK SHEETS:JMCP), is pleased to announce that JMCP Acquisition Inc.
By forming a JMCP Royalty Trust in which to put JMCP shareholders of record, the Company can move forward with the confidence in knowing no one was left behind.
Gleason, Starner and Schafer also received the 2008 JMCP Award for Excellence for their analysis of the effect patient safety warnings released by the FDA had on utilization of important oral diabetes drugs.