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JMEJournal of Medical Entomology (Entomological Society of America)
JMEJournal of Molecular Endocrinology
JMEJournal of Medical Ethics
JMEJava Micro Edition (computing)
JMEJava Management Extensions
JMEJournal of Management Education (Sage Publications)
JMEJuvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy
JMEJournal of Molecular Evolution (Springer publication)
JMEJournal of Monetary Economics (Elsevier BV)
JMEJournal of Mathematical Economics (Elsevier)
JMEJones Matrix Eigenanalysis (method to measure polarization mode dispersion, ITU-T)
JMEJava Monkey Engine
JMEJava Management Environment
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I still text JME and Skepta, we are going to catch up later.
The characteristic features of JME include spikes or multiple spike waves, a decline in cognitive and motor function, and morphological changes within frontal lobes with special imaging algorithms.
The JDK (Java Development Kit) represents the set of basic tools for Java platform application development so that it has to be installed for all Java applications development, including JSE and JME.
Arubayi (6) in his study also found significant positive correlation between scores of University students in English language and their aggregate JME scores.
The required amount of JME and TMP was weighted and placed in two necks round bottom reaction flask.
In contrast to previous findings on social outcome in JME [juvenile myoclonic epilepsy], we demonstrated that the overall psychosocial outcome in the current JME patients was generally satisfying and--likewise important--did not differ from patients with absence epilepsy" wrote the authors, including lead investigator, Dr.
Turned by an underground waterspring the mill, which has supplied the Jamie Oliver JME brand in the past, depended on rainfall to turn the wheel and was operated mostly during the winter.
JME presents at puberty, usually with generalized tonic-clonic seizures and myoclonic seizures in the morning.
On January 20, the UK's Journal of Medical Ethics (JME)--widely acknowledged to be the world's top medical ethics journal-published an e-letter by Bob Van Howe and I in which we responded to a critique published in the JME by notorious circumcision advocate Brian Morris and colleagues.
Diagnosis by referring physicians was JME in only 6 (10%) patients.