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JMEJournal of Medical Ethics
JMEJuvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy
JMEJournal of Monetary Economics (Elsevier BV)
JMEJones Matrix Eigenanalysis (method to measure polarization mode dispersion, ITU-T)
JMEJava Monkey Engine
JMEJava Management Environment
JMEJournal of Management Education (Sage Publications)
JMEJava Micro Edition (computing)
JMEJournal of Molecular Evolution (Springer publication)
JMEJournal of Molecular Endocrinology
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As a typical example, ARX phenotypes can be responsible either in the West syndrome or in lissencephaly In contrast, we do not have any particular causative gene or genes in well known, classic electroclinical syndromes such as JAE or JME.
The required amount of JME and TMP was weighted and placed in two necks round bottom reaction flask.
The findings showed that when compared with patients who had been diagnosed with childhood or juvenile absence epilepsy (AE), those with JME in their mid-40s were as likely or more likely to have a college degree, steady employment, and full integration into their social context.
2) In 2008, Max Thunder, a JME involving the air forces of the ROK and the United States, was held for the first time and has been held every year since.
Finally, because the JME and local governments have been defendants in Minamata disease lawsuits, research funds from JME and the local governments may affect researchers' attitudes, possibly causing conflicts of interest.
5Collaborations in January, which featured the who's who of UK hip hop and grime: Devlin, Wretch 32, Dot Rotten, P Money, JME and Wiley, the support was so strong it propelled Ed to number 2 in the iTunes album chart after just 24 hours.
The client segment running in a UMTS mobile phone was realized in the JME environment.
30pm Thursday Suzi Won - The Forum, Darlington pounds 3; JME - Empire, M'bro; Tees Hot Club -Dormans Club, M'bro 8.
Mr Everard, whose highly successful Austin Healey restoration firm JME Healeys in Warwick restored the famous quintessentially British sports cars for international clients, was on holiday with his wife Alison when he died suddenly.
JME often causes school performance problems similar to abnormalities appearing in the frontal lobe.
Ahmed Hussein Adam, JME spokesperson, reaffirmed the commitment of his movement to the peace process in order to end the ongoing armed conflict with the Sudanese government in Darfur.