JMECJapan Market Expansion Competition (business training program; Tokyo, Japan)
JMECJapan Market Entry Competition
JMECJunior Marketing Executives Circle
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We expect to get regulatory clearance from the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare for the Lyra in early 2002 and JMEC will begin marketing the product shortly thereafter.
The JMEC office will be launched in Juba on November 18, thus marking the beginning of the actual implementation of the peace process.
The implementation of JMEC is about the people of South Sudan and their leaders getting together, realizing that they are citizens of one country, that they need each other, that they have to, they have suffered as a result of the long liberation struggle they had, and now they are suffering because they are fighting amongst.
She urged the parties to extend full cooperation to the chairperson of the JMEC and to facilitate the urgent launch of the activities of this important organ.
It should be recalled that the JMEC was established by the agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan.
In Washington, the State Department on Wednesday also issued a statement welcoming the appointment of former president Mogae to head the JMEC.
Special Envoy Donald Booth has been deeply involved in the peace process and will continue to work with all the partners, including President Mogae and the JMEC, in the implementation of the August peace agreement," it further reassured.
According to IGAD, JMEC will be tasked with overseeing the implementation of the agreement, a mandate that essentially guarantees this body "the power to take corrective action in the event of non-compliance with the terms of the agreement".