JMEPJournal of Materials Engineering and Performance
JMEPJulia Morgan Engineering Program (University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering)
JMEPJoint Manpower Exchange Program (US DoD)
JMEPJoint Management Execution Plan
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The JMEP service is a highly unique service that differs from those offered by incubators and venture capitalists because it is provided to existing companies operating successful Internet businesses in overseas markets, offers the ability localize business models to specifically match the highly unique needs and practices of the Japanese market, and provides potential long-term strategic investments.
EC Navi has chosen to create JMEP at this juncture as a means of leveraging its bountiful know-how and experience in the creation and operation of highly successful Internet businesses both inside and outside of Japan during the past ten years, and its vast network of collaborative partners to help foreign Internet related companies to overcome the numerous difficult and unique obstacles to doing business in Japan.
Comment: JMEP Business Development Officer Naoko Tsubaki