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JMFJava Media Framework (Sun Microsystems)
JMFJob Messaging Format
JMFJob Mix Formula
JMFJeffrey Modell Foundation
JMFJapan Multimedia Forum
JMFJoint Mission Force
JMFJoint Marketing Funds
JMFJoint-Domain Matched Filtering
JMFJoint Messaging Format
JMFJewish Music Festival (various locations)
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93) Wanting to fill the gap, the MSJDN formed the JMF in partnership with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS).
The amounts of the constituent HMA materials are defined in their design composition and JMF.
Xerox's FreeFlow portfolio provides JMF service through several components, providing flexibility and extended capabilities for a more 'lights-out' operation.
But this isn't the first time the real estate industry has worked its magic for JMF.
A former Manx Grand Prix winner, he had been racing since 1997 and this year was racing for the JMF Millsport Yahama team.
He had been competing for the JMF Millsport Yahama team this year The race organisers abandoned the meeting after the crash.
Pulaski Bank & Trust of Little Rock acquired the land at the southeast corner of Sam Peck and Cantrell roads from JMF Enterprises Inc.
Bimonthly seminars and a tabletop game with warfighters and experts in experimentation developed the JMF concept, defined as a package of 20,000 personnel from designated component ready forces.
supports a wide variety of video formats for the video files that are annotated within the application (in [Sun Microsystems, 1999], a list of the supported by the JMF API media formats is provided);
Twenty years ago, before the Rawlings government implemented the JMF structural adjustment programme in April 1983, the highest note in the country was C50.
Sun is proclaiming the JMF API 2 - jointly developed by Sun and IBM Corp - as a general-purpose media player that eliminates the need for special plug-ins in a Java environment.