JMISJournal of Management Information Systems
JMISJournal of Modern Italian Studies (English language publication; Italian language and culture)
JMISJoint Medical Information Systems
JMISJournal of Medieval Iberian Studies
JMISJoaquin Moraga Intermediate School (Moraga, CA)
JMISJointly Managed Irrigation System (water resources management)
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Columbia, 1969), she has spent most of the last thirty years engaged in research on applications and social impacts of computer technology, publishing widely in journals including JMIS, Communications of the ACM, and IEEE Transactions.
There are seventy-five papers using survey as main research methodology, in which thirty-two were from IJIM, twenty-seven were from JMIS and sixteen were from MISQ.
The SMA of the studies of JMIS is higher quality than IJIM and MISQ.