JMKJohn Maynard Keynes (British economist; 1883-1946)
JMKMikonos, Greece - Mikonos (Airport Code)
JMKJulius Maggi Kitchen (Philippines)
JMKJokkmokk, Sweden
JMKJames Menzies-Kitchen Award (theater award)
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Stephen Fewell, chair of the JMK Trust which runs the award, said: "Kate is an exciting and worthy winner of this year's JMK Award.
JMK BMW has begun collecting a large assortment of items to aid in the relief effort from Hurricane Sandy.
Merely to value goods and to subject them to the whims of the market was to devalue them: 'The exploitation and incidental destruction of the divine gift of the public entertainer by prostituting it to the purposes of financial gain is one of the worser [sic] crimes of present-day capitalism' (The Listener, 'On art and the state', 1936, JMK XXVIII, 344).
The outcomes of positive science models are economic laws--for example the laws of demand and supply; however, as JNK and JMK noted, these outcomes are not maxims for practical guidance because these models may not be relevant to the real world, a point recently made by Rogoff and Reinhart (2009).
Paulette Johnson, administrative coordinator; Jennifer Kamerman, president JMK Marketing, Milford, N.
JMK Properties LLC, led by Jim Aukstuolis, acquired the 4206-4210 Locust St.
We acknowledge the NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates granted to Mountain Lake Biological Station for LA, a Mountain Lake Biological Station Summer Fellowship and a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship granted to JMK for funding this project.
King Kelso, the president of JMK Fibers, and Doug Swan, who manages the day-to-day operations in the company's plants, have considerable experience in terms of overseeing recycling operations.
Mark White, of Swansea, gave the undertaking in respect of his conduct as a director of JMK (Wrexham) Ltd, which carried out business from premises Llay Industrial Estate, Miners Road, Wrexham.
He made his money in manufacturing and now oversees JMK Management, a holding company with 27 diverse holdings, from aircraft leasing to silicone.
Jeff Kulijof, president and owner of JMK Tool & Die (Coats, NC), took a look at the market six years ago when everyone else was downsizing and decided to expand his booming sideline tool and die business.
Visitors looking for something different will be encouraged to sample Prairie Lane's berry topping and two new snack bars from JMK Manufacturing.