JMLAJournal of the Medical Library Association
JMLAJapanese-Mexican Labor Association (union; California)
JMLAJohn Mongard Landscape Architects (South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)
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The JMLA, after winning the strike, collapsed in a few years.
As shown in Table 2, totally, 231 articles have been published in JMLA during years 2002-2008.
In order to calculate half-life of Web resources cited in JMLA articles, the procedure used in previous research (McCown et al.
Figure 2 shows the half-life of JMLA Web citations, obtained by determining the proportion of accessible Web citations organized by age of article.
Our results thus suggest that the half-life value of JMLA Web citations is approximately seven years.
It was also recognized that the half-life value of JMLA Web citations is approximately seven years.
Based on WebCite Consortium Members (2008), JMLA is observed in the list of all active members of the WebCite[R] Consortium.
Since URLs are increasingly used and lost in scientific articles, on the one hand, and because WebCite is free of charge as well as useful, on the other hand, we recommend that all scholarly journals particularly JMLA as an international well known journal in Library and Information Science area call for using WebCite[R]enhanced reference and oblige authors to utilize WebCitation.
Later I want to write a second article focused on the medical librarians' roles and outreach for publication in JMLA or another library journal oriented to medical librarianship and/or community disaster preparedness of these publications.