JMLRJournal of Machine Learning Research
JMLRJoint Maximum-Likelihood Receiver
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The articles in JMLR are available for free, without limits and without conditions, at the journal's Web site (http://www.
In contrast, the hard copy version of JMLR has an institutional rate of $225 for print and electronic access, $202 for electronic access only through MIT Press, and $45 for print and electronic access for individuals.
Even though the editorial board members had made it clear they wanted such a policy, it was only after the threat of resignations and the actual founding of JMLR that the Kluwer policy finally changed.
The creation of JMLR along the JAIR model was a natural development.
The deal that Kaelbling made with MIT Press is unusual since no money changes hands between JMLR and the publisher.
SPARC's partnerships with alternative journals such as JMLR are an extra boost to those in the research community who are committed to high-quality journals produced quickly and at a price that will guarantee access.
The group of researchers behind JMLR has assumed a responsibility that more and more are taking on," said Rick Johnson, SPARC enterprise director.
JMLR is available in two full-text e-versions: a free site maintained by JMLR, Inc.