JMMBJamaica Money Market Brokers (Kingston, Jamaica)
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JMMB expected that the project payback period would span just about five years based on expected energy savings.
The system is expected to save the company US$90,000 annually, and reduce oil energy dependency by 34 per cent," JMMB said in its newly released annual report for year ending March 2016.
JMMB Bank's CEO, Jerome Smalling, said, 'In a bid to fulfil the JMMB Group's vision and mandate of being a financial life goals centre that is committed to helping its clients achieve their life goals, integrated branch locations will now offer a full suite of commercial banking services in addition to investments, money transfer services and insurance brokerage solutions.
As JMMB seeks to fulfil its commitment to its clients and stakeholders, we are again happy to be given yet another opportunity to further expand our slew of offerings to the T&T market, to be delivered with our signature style of client care, said JMMB Group CEO, Keith Duncan, We remain dedicated to taking all of the steps necessary to ensure that we deliver customised financial solutions, in a way that adds value to all those who partner with us in the achievement of their financial objectives.
08 Table 3: Summary of [sigma]-Convergence Results for Securities Cross-Listed on the BSE & TTSE BST SFC OCM NML FCIB JMMB GKC TCL 1998 1999 0.
In 2012, JMMB acquired the Capital & Credit Financial Group (CCFG) in Jamaica to offer clients merchant banking as well as remittances and unit trust, products and services.
According to a statement of the company, JMMB purchased the IBL Group s 50% stake in 2005 in order to expand in the region.
JMMB is involved in the sectors of securities dealing, stock as well as insurance broking, plus trading in foreign exchanges, banking and remittance services.
Following the brand makeover of the Jamaican Capital and Credit Merchant Bank that it acquired last year via purchasing the Capital and Credit Group, the conclusion of this IBL transaction will better position JMMB to offer a more diverse portfolio of products and services, relevant to clients banking and investment needs, with its signature style of client care, revealed the statement.
The CEO of JMMB Group - Keith Duncan has stated that as an indigenous Caribbean financial services company, we are excited about this opportunity to further build-out banking services in the T&T market.