JMSCJournalism and Media Studies Center (University of Hong Kong)
JMSCJapanese MIDI Standard Committee
JMSCJoint Management of Species Committee (British and Irish Association of Zoos and Aquariums; UK)
JMSCJoint Multinational Simulation Center (Germany)
JMSCJudicial Merit Selection Commission (South Carolina)
JMSCJeroen Maas Sports Company (Netherlands)
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The JMSC provided a mission command program instructor to provide an MDMP overview and over-the-shoulder support to the staff during the event.
JMSC provided MDMP training and over-the-shoulder support during the STAFFEX.
JMSC services for home-station training are a sunk cost to JMSC, JMTC, and USAREUR.
386) The JMSC is currently staffed by nine men and one woman; three members are African-Americans.
402) However, a report by the JMSC contradicts this argument.
Martin Driggers argues that the creation of the JMSC potentially cured the defects of the old system; however, in reaching this conclusion he focused solely on the creation of the JMSC while ignoring the legislative election process.
The most significant distinction between the South Carolina and Virginia methods is that the JMSC is constitutionally required in South Carolina, while the Virginia Commission was created by Republican members of the legislature and has no constitutional or statutory power.
152) This appointment device results in the JMSC being controlled by a majority of legislators.
157) Even supporters of the new procedure concede the fact that the JMSC is filled by experienced legislators who may work in harmony with the party's members and party goals but against the interests of the citizens to appoint the best qualified bench.
166) The Chairman of the JMSC selects no more than eight members for each committee and is expected to ensure that a wide range of interests are represented on each committee.
Cubic is a key player in the LVC-G training space and has successfully partnered with the JMSC to provide realistic and customizable mission support services to not only the U.
In addition to supporting the JMRC headquarters and the JMSC headquarters, Cubic will also support sites in Kaiserslautern and Baumholder, Germany; and Vicenza, Italy.