JMSEJournal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering
JMSEJames Madison School of Excellence (Rochester, NY)
JMSEJoseph Murphy Structural Engineering (Ireland)
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The report revealed that Dublin Corporation would not pay for sewerage and other services on the land owned by JMSE.
Mr Gogarty said he first met Mr Redmond at the Gaiety Theatre in 1984 when JMSE was renovating the famous playhouse.
The tribunal heard how Gogarty alleged that building tycoon Michael Bailey and his boss's son Joseph Murphy Junior of JMSE contractors handed Burke the two envelopes stuffed with cash.
He said that at the first meeting, in a hotel near Heathrow, the JMSE executive had denied any knowledge of a company payment to Ray Burke.
It had been alleged that Mr Gogarty was to be "ambushed" by lawyers about accusations that he was involved in intimidation of JMSE employees.
After ruling that the JMSE legal team had effectively withdrawn from the tribunal, Mr Justice Flood asked the next barrister in line to begin his questioning of the witness.
It is believed that lawyers for Mr Gogarty's former employers, JMSE, will claim that the idea was his own and he used company funds for the plan.
The accusations by the 81- year-old former JMSE employee prompted the legal probe to be interrupted.
Gogarty was one on the most trusted advisors to Joseph Murphy Senior, head of JMSE contractors, who he claimed had agreed a deal with Bailey to give him half his lands if he pulled the right strings to get the 726 acres re-zoned as prime property.
He alleged that the former JMSE manager director had paid another person money to post bullets to him in the post to back up his claims of death threats.