JMSUJoint Marine Seismic Undertaking (agreement between China and Philippines concerning South China Sea)
JMSUJust Make Stuff Up (polite form)
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Patriotic Filipinos discovered the JMSU only by chance in 2008.
As China was able to discover the location of rich marine resources in the area because of information gathered through the JMSU which they did not share with the Philippines.
Zarate noted that through the JMSU signed during the Arroyo administration, China was able to discover and confirm the enormous reserves of natural gas in Recto Reed Bank, where one field already holds about 2.
61) Opposition senators and members of the Philippine House of Representatives instantly linked the JMSU with the ZTE scandal, and alleged that the Arroyo administration had agreed to the JMSU in exchange for a multi-billion dollar loan package from China for projects that include the scandal-tainted NBN and the North Luzon Rail Project.
Gary Alejano also likened to JMSU the Duterte administration's move to allow the Institute of Oceanology Chinese Academy of Sciences to do research at Benham Rise, an underwater plateau east of Luzon which the United Nations in 2012 declared part of the country's extended continental shelf.
Wu, a valued consultant on ocean affairs for state authorities, said China and the Philippines could continue or enter into a joint agreement similar to the JMSU contract.
In a motion, the SC was told that even if the JMSU had expired in 2008, "the substantive issues in the present case are of overarching and paramount importance to the Philippines and the Filipino people, especially in light of our current territorial and maritime dispute with China.
He said his group even lodged a case before the Supreme Court against the JMSU to declare the Manila-Beijing exploration in 2007 unconstitutional.
Zarate urged the Supreme Court to hasten its resolution of the case they filed on the legality of the JMSU, which was entered into by the administration of former President and now Pampanga Rep.
Colmenares said they have decided to call the high court's attention even if the JMSU has already expired in 2008 out of concern that it could be used by China to strengthen its position in the ongoing territorial dispute and even in the case filed by the country before the arbitral panel in the Hague, Netherlands even if China refused to participate in the proceedings.
Unlike General Gazmin and President Aquino, we opposed not only the JMSU but also corruption-ridden Chinese projects such as the NBN-ZTE deal and the NorthRail project," Colmenares said.