JMTPJournal of Marketing Theory and Practice
JMTPJournal of Music Theory Pedagogy (University of Oklahoma)
JMTPJohn Mayer Trading Page (musical network)
JMTPJunior Managers Training Programme (EU-China Managers Exchange and Training Program; intergovernmental cooperation project)
JMTPJoint Master Test Plan
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Lowry stated, "I would like to offer a special thanks to the numerous professionals involved with this transaction, especially our securitization advisors from JMTP Capital, Inc.
The percentage of all articles published on each subject during the first eight years of publication of JMTP (Randall, Miles & Randall, 1999) and the first seven years of publication of AMSJ are shown in Table 9.
1 5 Strategy 5 1 6 Theory 2 2 Training 1 1 Table 9 Percentage of all articles addressing specific topics during the first seven years of publication of AMSJ and the first 8 years of JMTP AMSJ JMTP Advertising 11.