JMWJuedisches Museum Wien (German: Jewish Museum Vienna; Austria)
JMWJoods Maatschappelijk Werk (Dutch: Jewish Social Work)
JMWJohn Muir Wilderness (est. 1964)
JMWJunior Maine Woodsman
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JMW Senior Associate Jennifer Smith hosts the first session at Ty Menai in Bangor on Thursday March 15.
The family have had to go through such an awful ordeal due to an avoidable tragedyEddie Jones, partner at JMW Solicitors, left
Gary's renovation is complete including the restoration of its extraordinary wooden floors, and the addition of a show-stopping Timothy as JMW chandelier in the main hallway and beautiful restoration of its wood-and-gilt balustrade.
JMW Motorsports' Ferrari 458 GTE will compete in the European Le Mans Series and the iconic Le Mans 24 Hours in 2015.
Time is running out now for any ex-City Link employees who haven't yet joined the action to claim up to eight weeks additional pay even if they have already received redundancy or notice pay," said Carl Moran, an employment law partner at JMW.
2) The Egyptian Post-Election Survey (EPES) was conducted by the Al Ahram Centre for Political and Strategic Studies (ACPSS) in collaboration with Lust, Soltan, and JMW Consulting with support from the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute.
Their JMW Motorsport team qualified 12th in the GTE Pro class for cars adapted from production models, despite missing the bulk of the qualifying sessions following a crash in practice on Wednesday.
London, Sept 22 ( ANI ): An oil painting bought at a golf club auction for 3,700 pounds is believed to be a long lost work by famous British painter JMW Turner, and is said to be worth up to 20 million pounds.
Turner's Thames (BBC Four, Wednesday, 9pm) * Matthew Collings, right, is a man on a mission - out to uncover the inspirations and motivation of Romantic landscape painter JMW Turner.
JMW Turner's of Dolbadarn among the works of Your Paintings is a joint initiative between the BBC, the Public Catalogue Foundation and participating collections and museums.
An online "buy a brushstroke" appeal has been launched by the Tate Britain art gallery in an attempt to keep an 1842 watercolour by JMW Turner in Britain, after committing GBP2m of its own funds towards buying the painting.
The JMW Publishing Company is sponsoring a free poetry contest with cash rewards and possible publication in their nationally distributed REFLECTIONS poetry anthology series.