JNBJava News Brief (computer newsletter)
JNBJump If Not Below
JNBJordan National Bank (est. 1955)
JNBJohannesburg, South Africa - Jan Smuts (Airport Code)
JNBJunction National Bank (Texas; est. 1935)
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The fact is that JNB of Westerhope made a claim for which he or she has absolutely no evidence that would pass muster in court or a scientific laboratory.
You could have countered JNB with the claim that Middle Earth exists by citing passages from the works of J R R Tolkien, or that Lilliput exists by quoting from Gulliver's Travels.
IF THERE is one thing I can't stand is the self-righteous, religious busybodies like JNB, of Westerhope, who wrote in to say that the bible is God's words and that without repenting and being baptised we will most definitely go to hell.
JNB aims to track the price and yield performance of publicly-traded securities in the aggregate in the South African market, as represented by the FTSE/JSE Top 40 Index.
We sourced the hotel through our strategic partner, JNB Hotels and Resorts Private Limited, a subsidiary of JNB LLC, a U.
The joint venture also has established a strategic relationship with JNB Hotels and Resorts Private Limited, a subsidiary of JNB LLC, a real estate investment group based in Artesia, California.
Tender notice number : JN5859/2015-0021/2015/0021 / JNB / 6
2005 Flight From Depart To Arrive SA 208 IAD (Dulles) 08:45AM ACC (Accra) 10:55PM ACC (Accra) 11:55PM JNB (Jo-burg) 07:40AM +1 Departing Johannesburg (JNB) to Washington Dulles (IAD) on Sunday, July 3, 2005 Flight From Depart To Arrive SA 207 JNB (Jo-burg) 06:40PM ACC (Accra) 10:45PM ACC (Accra) 11:45PM IAD (Dulles) 06:45AM +1
The acquisition of JNB Communications in August, our second E&I acquisition in two months, is consistent with that strategy.
Departure from JNB to New York will take place at 7:45 p.
Nasdaq: PIII), a manufacturer of communications power systems and equipment and a related services provider to the communications industry, today announced it had acquired the assets of JNB Communications Inc.
In any event IATA will continue to call it JNB, just as Mumbai is BOM and Nottingham EMA.