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JNDJust Noticeable Difference
JNDJunta Nacional de Drogas (Spanish: National Board of Drugs; Uruguay)
JNDJohn Nelson Darby (minister; 1800-1882)
JNDJust Noticeable Distortion
JNDJugular Node Dissection
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The amplitude of the Wave-Scan value determines the normal direction used in the Phong equation, and the result from that equation is used in the JND calculation.
We will take an average of these two values to estimate the JND mask.
This is in contrast to the image adaptive approach which allows the watermark signal to reach the perceptual upper limit given by the JND thresholds.
Medical features a variable-speed JND whirlpool system with Softswirl jets.
Beks PJ, Mackaay AJC, de Neeling JND, et al: Peripheral arterial disease in relation to glycaemic level in an elderly caucasian population: the Hoorn Study.
Other candidates high on our chart are JND Ltd and Janbo Trading Ltd which currently operate as mail order catalogues Bright Life and Axiom from Harrington Dock in Liverpool.
In applying the JND approach to SST, the question is: How much of a difference in social behavior is required for it to be noticed by significant others in the student's environment?
When we create an event that grew to be 5,000 people per afternoon coming down here, all of these people have to park somewhere,'' said John Drayman of JND Enterprises, who led a petition to reformat the festival.
When we looked for a similar reference system for HD, support for algorithms beyond PSNR and JND was important to us, as well as file I/O to analyze material already recorded by other servers.
JND Response's top tips for energy consumption reduction: RESET your heating controls to match the times of the day you actually need your heating and hot water ENSURE that radiators are not blocked by furniture or curtains FIT reflective panel boards behind radiators INSULATE pipework in unheated parts of the home such as your loft FIT a jacket to your hot water cylinder SERVICE your boiler once a year to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible.