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JNDIJava Naming and Directory Interface (Sun)
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4 libraries for superior performance, use of JNDI for accessing all user information from corporate directories, JSP Tag Libraries for more efficient JSP scripting, and now JCA for connectivity and JAXP and JAXM for standards-based XML processing and messaging.
Support for specifying a JNDI data source name to get
NET to communicate with J2SE or J2EE, including J2EE facilities such as EJBs, JMS, and JNDI, and supports all the leading J2EE application servers.
Enhanced image handling; -- Improved access to JNDI data sources; and -- Streamlined report compilation.
htm * Powerful access control subsystem which enables delegation * Special system partition for configuration * Pluggable partitions for different data stores * Pluggable interceptor mechanism for altering server behavior * Easily embeddable into applications using a special JNDI provider * Powered by MINA which can handle large amounts of concurrency * Supports the following Extended Operations and Controls: - Graceful Shutdown Extended Operation - Diagnostic Tools Extended Operation - LDAP Subentries Control http://www.
It also fully supports J2EE and Java extensions JDBC, JNDI and Java Servlet Technology.
Choose between JNDI datasource or JDBC configuration.
JNDI allows Java applications to access naming services and directory services.
In working with relational databases, attendees will learn how to expose a single database table as a service, join multiple tables, use nested queries, dynamically change queries, access stored procedures and functions, invoke a service using a URL, parameterize a service; connect to a data source bound to a JNDI name, access data services using a Java client, and more.
This proxy is usually obtained by a lookup in a directory service, like a Jini Lookup service or a JNDI name space.
NET and C/C++, including JNDI, Microsoft Windows API and Directory services, Netscape LDAP API and Spring Framework.