JNHJames Newton Howard (film composer)
JNHJournal of Negro History
JNHJaquith Nursing Home (Whitfield, MS)
JNHJawaharlal Nehru Hospital (India)
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Twenty five (25) patients with primary varicose veins who were treated at JNH, Rose Belle, Mauritius between the months of October 2012 and October 2013 were included in this study.
A perusal of the JNH from 1916 through Woodson's death indicates that at annual meetings, school teachers and community activists, including many club women, presented papers and in many cases even had their essays published in the pages of the JNH alongside the research of leading black and white scholars.
In a JNH article entitled "Negro History Week," Woodson (1926) told his readers that blacks knew "practically nothing" about their history and that without this knowledge "the race" could become "a negligible factor in the thought of the world" and stood "in danger of being exterminated" (p.
In the JNH and the NHB, he routinely warned his readers about "the disastrous methods of pseudo-historians among Negroes exaggerating in spectacular fashion facts of minor importance" in order capitalize on a movement and transform it into a commercial venture.
Woodson encouraged this ownership and dialogue by assuring them that the magazine belonged to them and by publishing their ideas just as he published the scholarship of intellectuals in the JNH.
British assistance in the establishment of a JNH had led to increased Jewish immigration, which, from the Arab point of view, portended long-term demographic, and therefore cultural and political, transformation.
The uprising did heighten the competitive struggle between the SD and the American Zionists over the proper attitude of the government toward the JNH.
12] In social terms, Hadassah (the American Zionist women's organization) health clinics became a symbol for both the Zionists and the press of how realizing the JNH was literally bringing the Holy Land into the modern world.
As for the British, they had momentarily failed in their duty to stand as frontier guardians of civilization and were therefore obligated to rapidly restore order and protect and promote the JNH.
Siddeek Ahmed, CMD of Eram/ITL Group, opened the ceremony at JNH, which was attended by a large number of doctors and media persons.
Mohammed Mujahid Abbas, an IMC expert on infectious diseases, with Mohammed Ali, managing director of Jeddah National Hospital, and JNH doctors after giving the lecture at the hospital.
The function was attended by a large expatriate community including doctors, executives and office bearers of TSS, GEMS and JNH.