JNPCJapan National Press Club
JNPCJohor National Parks Corporation (Johor, Malaysia)
JNPCJawaharlal Nehru Pharma City (industrial park; India)
JNPCJordanian National Population Commission (now Higher Population Council; Jordan)
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Judge Manuel Menendez, chair of the JNPC, also said that if a JNC is going to ask a candidate about a negative rumor, it.
The JNPC was also in agreement that that regardless of whether a recording rule or policy is ultimately adopted, the subject of interviewing techniques and inappropriate questioning should continue to be addressed and emphasized in the training and education offered to commissioners.
The JNPC report to the board also noted the recording of JNC interviews may be accomplished without either the formal amendments to the JNC's uniform rules or the adoption of local rules.
There is no prohibition to the recording of JNC interviews," said JNPC Chair Manuel Menendez in a letter setting out the committee's recommendations.
Menendez said should the board resolve to have all JNC interviews recorded, "The JNPC respectfully suggests that it simply consider adopting that procedure as a BOG policy and thereafter provide court reporters for the task.
The JNPC also expressed concerns with regard to scheduling issues associated with mandating the recording via court reporters, whether they are paid or not.
The JNPC respectfully submits that rescheduling would be neither prudent nor practical.
Richard Doran, chair of the JNPC, told the board that a survey of his committee found 17 members in favor of recording candidate interviews, 14 opposed, three abstaining, and nine not voting.
Coberly made the motion to task the JNPC with drawing up an amendment to the JNC Uniform Rules of Procedure to provide for recording all JNC interviews using court reporters who have agreed to volunteer their services.
Biocon has earlier informed BSE regarding its plan to acquire the unit at JNPC for an unspecified amount.