JNRLSEJournal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education
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2 primary journals plus JNRLSE--each of the 2 primary journals will receive $520 and JNRLSE will receive $60.
In addition, JNRLSE were added to the AJ digitizing project.
1100 for any 2 of the 4 major journals plus JNRLSE (distribution would be $520 to each major journal and $60 to JNRLSE)
to bundle the journals for institutional subscriptions with a cost of $100 for all 6, $1000 for any 2, $600 for individual subscriptions to AJ, CS, JEQ, SSSAJ, $400 for VZJ alone, and $200 for JNRLSE alone.
Libraries may purchase two of the major journals for $1100 and also receive JNRLSE included in the bundle.
Circulation of JNRLSE as of October 2002 is 542 copies--413 member and 129 nonmember subscribers.
We have promoted the new JNRLSE redesigned website in the News Flash, in CSA News, and in a special email to all subscribers, and our list of cooperative societies.
We have a total of 9 cooperators in publishing JNRLSE.
The journal would still be published in 2002 because the membership renewal forms are already sent out with JNRLSE as an option.
Production of Volume 30 (2001) of JNRLSE is almost complete.
Larry Grabau, JNRLSE editor Ken Barbarick, Agronomy Journal editor Warren Dick, JEQ editor and SSSA editor-in-chief Jerry Hatfield, ASA editor-in-chief Jeff Volenec, CSSA editor-in-chief Steve St.
Larry Grabau reported on the results of the JNRLSE editorial board meeting held on Sat.