JNTCJoint National Training Capability
JNTCJoint National Training Center
JNTCJoint Network Transport Capability
JNTCJewish New Testament Commentary (book)
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The JNTC and the JKDDC are integrated, and we leverage each other's capabilities and technologies, but they are two separate programs.
As the author pointed out, this was a test to validate the JNTC concept, but it seems implausible to validate a joint training system when the full joint team is not participating.
The implications of the JNTC technology could be much broader as the Army continues to reorganize into modular brigades.
Additionally, in support of JNTC, the JFCOM J2 is investigating its ability to create a Joint Intelligence National Training Capability to leverage national, joint, and Service intelligence capabilities.
The JNTC creates joint war-fighting conditions through a networked collection of interoperable training sites and nodes that combine personnel, doctrine, and technology to address the requirements of combatant commanders and service training.
The JNTC is scheduled to achieve full operational capability by 2009.
On my recent visit to the Army's Joint National Training Center, an Army major participating in the JNTC exercise summed up the value of this new capability best.
USJFCOM is developing the JNTC to meet the need for the armed services to train as they will fight, which means as components of joint task forces.
The 2-508 PIR validated this concept through the integration of PRC-117Gs, RF-7800s, and JNTC equipment during multiple field training exercises and JRTC 09-5.
A key challenge of JNTC is building a realistic training environment.
Under the Defense Department's umbrella project called the Joint National Training Capability, the Marines are, for the tint time, investing in technologies such as range instrumentation, to ensure they can participate in JNTC training events.