JNUSUJawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union (India)
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PhD student Ajay Singh, a resident of MP, arrested for allegedly raping victim on the pretext of marriage The victim complained that she was being raped continuously for 10 years The victim said that Singh raped her at his room in Brahmaputra Hostel A medical test at AIIMS confirmed sexual assault A former vice- president of JNUSU also alleged rape and extortion by an AISF activist.
He expressed solidarity and also called on eminent student leaders of JNU like Shehla Rashid, Umar Khalid, Chepal, Varun Kumar, Usaque, Azhar, Aprish and other members of JNUSU.
Protestors from JNUSU also "demanded increased patrolling and deployment of police including police women in public places, fast-track courts to deal with rape cases, increased sensitization [of police in dealing with rape crimes] and effective investigation [and accountability of the police] dealing with heinous crimes against women.
He further said that even after JNU administration promised to meet the JNUSU officer bearers, they mistreated and shouted at the two rectors.
JNUSU also released a statement alleging incessant attempts by ABVP to terrorise students in various hostel of JNU.
When the JNUSU leader made it clear in no uncertain terms that it is not the freedom from the country as much as freedom within it that the countrymen pined for, he was only echoing the sentiments of thousand others, the scholars, the intellectuals and more importantly, the common man on the street, who find the level of tolerance (of the government) absolutely intolerant in this great nation of ours.
Necessary action The vice-president of JNUSU and also an AISA member, Shehla Rashid, who was seen on many occasions with the accused during protests, called for "necessary action" and had "written to the vice-chancellor in this regard".
The Youth protest is to pressurize the government to take steps on the 10-point memorandum the JNUSU had submitted on 19th December which among other things demanded sacking of the Delhi Police Commissioner, fast-tracking the 100,000 pending rape cases in 100 days, special session of Parliament to discuss gender just laws, a well publicised police protocol and lodging of FIR in all complaints of sexual harassment.
Among others who addressed the symposium, were AAP leader Sanjay Singh, DU professor Shamsul Islam and JNUSU vice president Shehla Rashid.
With the JNUSU president behind bars, Shehla Rasheed, the vice-president, is busy fielding requests from the media.
The SC's comments assume significance following the violence indulged in by some Delhi lawyers when JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar was being produced before court under sedition charges.
Yet, two days later, on the basis of an FIR filed by a Bharatiya Janata Party MP from East Delhi, Mahesh Giri, the police came and rather bizarrely arrested Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNUSU president, who belongs to an outfit called All India Students' Federation, the students wing of the Communist Party of India, which is as mild a Left party as it can get when it comes to issues like 'sedition'