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JNZ A 380 G-3 (Three-door 2012 model SUV): The three-door A380 has a new "sporty" look and new molds.
JNZ A380 EV-3 (Three-door full electric vehicle model SUV): The EV version of the three-door A380 SUV is expected to be available for export at the end of the first quarter of 2012 and available for sale in China during the second quarter of 2012.
JNZ SHUTTLE-EV and JNZ SHUTTLE-G (Electric and gas passenger/cargo van models): The JNZ SHUTTLE is ideal for EV market and is being planned for export markets globally, and is particularly suitable in first world countries, conscientious of going "green" by reducing city pollution, which is particularly relevant to fixed route deliveries and small passenger payload transportation.
JNZ A280-EV and A280-G (Electric and gasoline compact SUV models): The JNZ A280 compact mini SUV, currently under development, is a lighter, more versatile platform the company expects will accelerate EV adoption in urban centers around the world, including the US market.