JOAJournal of Arthroplasty (Journal of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons)
JOAJoint Operating Agreement
JOAJoan of Arc
JOAJoint Operations Area
JOAJackson Oncology Associates (Jackson, MS)
JOAJournal of Algebra (Elsevier)
JOAJournal of Accountancy (AICPA publication)
JOAJoint Operational Area (US DoD)
JOAJoint Operating Area
JOAJapan Outdoor Adventures (Takasaki, Japan)
JOAJapan Ozone Association
JOAJapan Ostomy Association (urology)
JOAJapan Othello Association
JOAJoint Ownership Agreement (various companies)
JOAJoint Operational Architecture
JOAJapan Orienteering Association
JOAJapan Oyster Association
JOAJeune Orchestre Atlantique
JOAJoan of Arse (band)
JOAJava OceanAtlas (software; Oracle Corporation)
JOAJudgement of Acquittal (law)
JOAJoint Occupancy Agreement
JOAJoint Objective Area
JOAJog Off Automatic (electric motors)
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The JOA score is composed of subjective symptoms, clinical signs, impairment of activities of daily living, and urinary bladder function.
In other JOA news, the lawsuit filed by the Las Vegas Sun against the former owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal remains in limbo as Little Rock's Stephens Inc.
The unique structure of JOA contracts stems from the characteristics of the problem they are trying to solve.
AIDEA's management have made a recommendation to the board of AIDEA that it views participation on the terms and conditions contained in the JOA is in the best interests of AIDEA and recommends approval of the resolution to proceed.
A JOA is a joint venture arrangement of two or more parties to share either physical or business operations.
John Temple, as editor and publisher of the Rocky, is quickly becoming an icon for both the tough hunt for money and new advertisers in print and online by the newspapers; and for the journalistic excellence that the JOA was meant to preserve.
Such is the case in Seattle, where Hearst finds itself in the same position it faced in 1990s San Francisco: the owner of the foot-dragging half of an unhappy JOA.
My comment that Justice has not favored joint agency creations was meant to illustrate the department's general antipathy toward JOAs and had no bearing on Tucson specifically.
Stourbridge-based JOA was called in by Taylor Woodrow to roll out new online branding and consolidate a range of websites representing the company's diverse international interests in the UK, North America, Spain and Gibraltar.
The JOA allegedly funneled 70 million yen to the former chiefs of two panels under the predecessor of the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry before the JOTN was established in October of 1997.
As JOA head, Komurasaki, 74, arranged donations totaling 800 million yen to the JOTN and a number of related medical facilities from 1995 to April last year, sources close to him said earlier.
tried to interest the owners of the Arkansas Gazette in forming a JOA back in the 1970s.