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Louis; Rufisque, Porto d'Ale, and Joal on the Petite Cote, as well as along the Gambia, Casamance, Cacheu, and Geba rivers, (27) The radius of action of the Kriston would come to include the coastal areas between St.
Ils passent une bonne partie de l'annee installes entre Joal et Betenti et nombres d'entre eux s'etablissent dans les estuaires de Gambie et de Casamance, voire dans les iles Bijagos au large de Bissau (Dahou 2008).
Though the poet is writing some of his most powerful verses about his native Joal, he cannot separate Africa from the European space to which it is linked.
This part of the coast was dotted with a number of busy ports and slave emporia, the most important being Bezeguiche, Rufisque, Portudal, and Joal.
James Joal Birch, 1120 View Pointe Circle, Lake Wales, suspended for 90 days, effective 30 days from a May 10 court order.
The tricky forward scored after eight minutes thanks to a little help from strike-partner Josh Joal.
The technology has a large, steep learning curve, and people have to get more comfortable with it before it becomes the norm," said Joal Storm, marketing development manager for 3M's security systems division.
Division One: Hornby/Trafalgar 5 (Tony Jones 2, Joal Taylor, Terry McNulty, Simon Brammer) Young Lions 3 (og, John Molyneux, Alan Davies); Horse & Jockey 2 (Adam Bennett, Steve Mayes) Neston Nomads 2 (Richard Foulkes 2); Oxton Athletic 4 (Chris Ball 2, Simon Tierney, Mark Lawton) FC Vaults 1 (Andy Moore); Prenton Park 4 (Gary Brabander 2, Mark Stone, Tom Evans) Windmill 2; Tranmere Victoria 0 One O'Clock Gun 5.
In Senegal, Tostan's campaign was supported by Moslem spiritual leader Imam Demba Diawara, who toured Bambara villages near Joal to emphasize that abandoning FGM would not risk the prestige of their daughters.
Behind-the-scenes civilian support; Joal Watts; 27:4
Caerphilly: Sione Tuipolutu; Ryan Howelis, Roddy Boobyer (Frank McLoughlin, 55), Sam Cox, Tuanahola Taufahema; Gerard Murphy (Peter Jones, 62), Scott Headinggon; Lee Manning, Christian Ferris (capt), Richard Skuse, Mark Workman, Nick Rousse, Karl Hocking; Joal El-abd (Ray Lloyd, 54); Andrew Williams Referee: Mike Hall, Scotland