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The tribunal convicted Keitel and Jodl on all counts and convicted Raeder on counts one, two, and three--he was not indicted on count four, crimes against humanity.
He is especially scathing about officers such as Field Marshall Keitel who were toadies of the Fuhrer although he is mildly kinder to Jodl than many other writers.
De acuerdo con la correspondencia de Jodl (1976), Hitler entro en una crisis severa y sus asesores le sugirieron que les ordenara a los soldados resistir a cualquier precio.
Sonnenfeldt's word pictures of the generals Keitel and Jodl reflect his contempt for their servility to Hitler.
45am on May 8, 1945, that General Alfred Jodl signed the surrender declaring: 'With this signature, the German people are, for better or for worse, delivered into the victor's hands.
May 6: Donitz continued his delaying tactics by sending General Alfred Jodl, chief of operations, to meet Eisenhower at Rheims.
43) Alfred Jodl was also not present at the four secret meetings, but his diary and other documentary evidence showed his prior knowledge and assistance in planning wars of aggression.
Because of the complex and sometimes stressful relationships that characterise stepfamilies, the remarriage of custodial mothers does not appear to result in a net improvement in children's functioning or wellbeing (Hetherington and Jodl 1994).
Jodl, Michael, Malanchuk, Eccles, and Sameroff (2001) have found that fathers have a greater influence than mothers on their adolescent sons' and daughters' values about sports.
Alfred Jodl, general y jefe de las fuerzas armadas, y Wilhelm Keitel, mariscal de campo y jefe del Estado Mayor: "El Fuhrer lo ordeno, y si hubieramos desobedecido, nos hubieran arrestado, y con toda razon".
DEFENDANT COUNT SENTENCE 1 2 3 4 Goring G G G G Hanging Hess G G I I Life Imprisonment von Ribbentrop G G G G Hanging Keitel G G G G Hanging Kaltenbrunner I G G Hanging Rosenberg G G G G Hanging Frank I G G Hanging Frick I G G G Hanging Streicher I G Hanging Funk I G G G Life Schacht I I Acquitted Donitz I G G 10 Years Raeder I G G G Life von Schirach I G 20 Years Saukel I G I G Hanging Jodl G G G G Hanging von Papen I I Acquitted Seyss Inquart I G G G Hanging Speer I I G G 20 Years von Neurath G G G G 15 Years Fritzsche I I I Acquitted Bormann (Absent) I G G Hanging
The German forces occupying the Rhineland in 1936 were somewhat of a paper tiger, as General Jodl later testified at Nuremberg when he said "the French covering army could have blown us to pieces.