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JOGYogyakarta, Indonesia (Airport Code)
JOGJoint Operations Graphic
JOGJoint Operations Group
JOGJunior Offshore Group (a yacht racing handicapping system)
JOGJoint Oversight Group
JOGJewish Occupational Government
JOGJoint Owners Group
JOGJunior Olympic Gold
JOGJoint Operational Graphics
JOGJob Opportunity Group
JOGJoint Operation Guide
JOGJersey Osborne Group (now New Jersey Computer Club; est. 1981)
JOGJournal of Oil and Gas
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There will also be a shorter fancy dress jog for children, with a prize for the best costume.
Mark Ward, national co-ordinator for MHFS, said: "We want to encourage as many men from throughout Scotland as possible to take part, whether they walk, jog or run.
jOG can be used in conjunction with most existing video games that feature character movement on screen including adventure, children's and sports games and requires no changes to any game console or software to use.
In September, the club invited Paul Eagles from Job England and Glasgow athletics coach Bernie Campbell to the Staffordshire town for a jog leader course.
Sunday 35-minute jog Normal - try to stay relaxed when getting tired
Each of our running guides, devised with the help of Jog Scotland, aim to build up fitness gradually.
The L-3 JOG will accomplish the design engineering, build kits and perform installations in Lexington, Ky.
Staff at Real Radio contacted the mother and daughter for their help in making the suits so they could take part in this year's British Heart Foundation (BHF) Santa jog at Bute Park, Cardiff, on Sunday.
If there is a hill during your run - instead of doing your usual jog up it, try and sprint up it and jog or walk back down and then repeat a few times.
But they were not imagining it, because the runners were all taking part in the charity Hearts First Santa Jog.
ENGLAND star Joe Cole's girlfriend Carly Zucker shows she's the fittest of the WAGs as she goes for an early morning jog.
Mar 0 mins brisk walk, Mar 4-30 mins of alternating jog 3 mins/walk 2 mins, Mar 5- 35 mins walking or jogging and walking hen tired, Mar 6-35 mins alking, Mar 7 - 45 mins of alternating jogging 5 mins/ walk 2 mins, Mar 8 - Rest or 20 minutes alking, Mar 9-35 mins of alternating jog 4 mins/walk 2 mins.