JOIDESJoint Oceanographic Institutions for Deep Earth Sampling
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The scientific drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution is funded by the US National Science Foundation.
v=6qCQAvAXLOU) video from the JOIDES Resolution YouTube channel.
A decade would pass before Dick could revive the quest to the Mohole with an expedition in 1997 to Atlantis Bank aboard the JOIDES Resolution.
Platforms include an improved version of ODP's JOIDES Resolution; a riser-equipped drill-ship, under construction in Japan, with the ability to reach targets in deep water, on continental margins, and gas-prone regions; and mission-specific
Continental margins often contain pockets of oil or gas, and the program's drillship JOIDES Resolution is not equipped to deal with hitting a hydrocarbon deposit.
During the expedition on board the research vessel JOIDES Resolution, the researchers sampled, for the first time, sediments and rocks from the oceanic tectonic plate which feeds the Sumatra subduction zone.
Oceanus: What it's like on the JOIDES Resolution drillship?
By integrating several sources of evidence, including core samples and data collected on board the JOIDES Resolution research ship, the authors have confirmed that the mass of basalt that constitutes Tamu Massif did indeed erupt from a single source near the center.
Analysis of this newly found section aboard the drillship JOIDES Resolution indicates that tiny plants called calcareous nannoplantkton recovered slowly from almost complete extinction at the boundary.
The Ocean Drilling Program's ship JOIDES Resolution cored seafloor sediments.
During a four-month expedition of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Programme (IODP) on board the US drilling vessel JOIDES Resolution an international team of more than 100 scientists and technicians recovered 6.