JOKJohnny O'Keefe (rocker)
JOKJoshkar-Ola (Russia)
JOKJesus Orienteering Klubb (UK)
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When alternative/garage rock band JOK decided to play a mini tour, they asked Shambolic to come along for the ride as support act.
JOK are a band with Huddersfield roots, but like many musicians seeking success, they have migrated to London.
Originally, JOK was just an outlet for his own quirky ideas, but over the years it has become a full-blown group featuring Huddersfield born guitarist Tim Bricheno, who has played with All About Eve and Sisters of Mercy, plus Huddersfield born bass player Kieran Heneghan, formerly of Frogs of War and drummer Tony Kiley, of Blow Monkeys fame.
JOK have just put out their latest CD album entitled Lamp Post Bouquet, which was recorded and mixed in just two days.