JOLLEJournal of Language and Literacy Education (University of Georgia; Athens, GA)
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van Hooren SA, van Boxtel MP, Valentijn SA, Bosma H, Ponds RW, Jolles J.
Jolles indicates that his, “team has worked tirelessly to develop guidelines that will be both user friendly and allow our registrars to appropriately determine if an applicant is in fact a registered US business.
At times drawing on physiological metaphors, particularly from the realm of Osteology, Jolles thus notes how the sheer recurrence of certain "motifs" or "topoi" (words he deploys with some unease), show language--along with its narrated, modular events--"gradually calcifying [erhartet] into a first type of literary form" (44).
Consultant immunologist Dr Stephen Jolles [at the University Hospital of Wales] saw us and said that he had treated a little boy who had been diagnosed with Nemo and he wanted to test us for it.
and notes Bernadette Jolles (Turnhout: Brepols, 2000) 2:24-91, at 36, lines 168-77 (PL 175.
Jolles BM, Buchbinder R and Beaton DE (2005): A study compared nine patient-specific indices for musculoskeletal disorders.
In his book How to Run Seminars & Workshops, Robert Jolles suggests that a realistic expectation is a stimulating training session that is "delivered professionally and leaves the participant motivated and satisfied.
Die teenwoordigheid van die meeste van Andre Jolles se Einfache Formen wat die onderliggende geestesaktiwiteite van 'n gemeenskap verteenwoordig, gee aan hierdie bundel 'n soort argetipiese onderbou.
Jolles fears there might be a backlash from native Syrians about the Iraqi influx, adding: "Things are only going to get more difficult.
Cross-sectional studies also suggest that aerobically active older adults demonstrate better fluid intelligence and working memory than those who are sedentary (van Boxtel Langeral Houx Jolles 1996).
Then Dr Stephen Jolles at the University Hospital of Wales diagnosed Rhys as the first in the UK to have NEMO.