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JOLLYUS Search & Rescue Helicopter
JOLLYJoint Operational Leicester, Lancaster & Yorkshire
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Old Baltus Van Tassel moved about among his guests with a face dilated with content and goodhumor, round and jolly as the harvest moon.
Add to this picture a jolly, crackling, rollicking fire, going rejoicingly up a great wide chimney,--the outer door and every window being set wide open, and the calico window-curtain flopping and snapping in a good stiff breeze of damp raw air,--and you have an idea of the jollities of a Kentucky tavern.
There was a bar at the Jolly Bargemen, with some alarmingly long chalk scores in it on the wall at the side of the door, which seemed to me to be never paid off.
But who, in the saint's name, ever expected to have heard such a jolly chant come from out a hermit's cell at midnight
Accurst of his heart," said jolly Robin, "That a butcher will deny.
Then let us be jolly And cast away folly, For grief turns a black head to gray.
I've always thought it would be jolly to have someone to talk to when one was tired of work.
For the rest of the term he tormented Philip cruelly, and, though Philip tried to keep out of his way, the school was so small that it was impossible; he tried being friendly and jolly with him; he abased himself, so far as to buy him a knife; but though Singer took the knife he was not placated.
Good morrow to thee, jolly fellow," quoth Robin, "thou seemest happy this merry morn.
It seems the jolly old fellow made hosts of friends in the first Oz book, in spite of the fact that he frankly acknowledged himself "a humbug.
Anne was never attended by the crowd of willing victims who hovered around Philippa's conquering march through her Freshman year; but there was a lanky, brainy Freshie, a jolly, little, round Sophomore, and a tall, learned Junior who all liked to call at Thirty-eight, St.
Well, they sent me from Capetown to be junior to him, and a jolly good move for me too.