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Young adults, however, relied more on their JOLs to guide the time spent restudying than did older adults.
In one of the few studies on metamemory in this age range, Johnson and Halpern (1999) found that adults with ages between 35 and 50 years old showed greater accuracy of the JOLs for global predictions of performance (questions on a previously-read text) in comparison with young adults aged from 18 to 22 years old.
In the condition of delayed JOLs, 80 pairs of target cue words were presented, 40 of which were semantically related (e.
In the condition of immediate JOLs, the only change was that the judgments on the Likert scale were made after the presentation of each pair for study, and not in a single block.
The paradigm provided the dependent measurements of the study, which consisted of the JOLs' magnitude, the JOLs' relative and absolute accuracy, the score of cued-recall, time allocated to restudying the pairs, and correlations between the time of restudy and JOLs between time of restudy and cued-recall.
The magnitude of the JOLs refers to the mean value for the learning judgments.
The mean time spent restudying the pairs was also calculated, presented in seconds, and Pearson correlations between time restudying and magnitude of the JOLs (STA based in the JOLs), and biserial correlations between time restudying and score for cued-recall (STA based on the cued-recall) were made.
13), such that the magnitude of the immediate JOLs was greater (M = 2.
38), such that immediate JOLs were less accurate than delayed JOLs.
Subsequently, in order to test the "monitoring affects control" hypothesis in adults of different ages, memory control was evaluated based on correlational measures (STA based in the JOLs and STA based on cued-recall).
No existio diferencia significativa entre los dos metodos de aprendizaje en las correlaciones gamma (juicios de facilidad de aprendizaje y recuerdo, juicios de aprendizaje y recuerdo, y juicios de confianza y recuerdo), ya que las obtenidas con los EOL y las que se obtuvieron con los JOL fueron bajas, tanto las conseguidas con el metodo de repeticion como con el metodo de la palabra clave, lo que indica que las participantes tuvieron dificultad en predecir el rendimiento.
Fleming received her junior operator license in September after completing a driver education course, known as a JOL for drivers age 16-1/2 to 18.