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JOnASJava Open Application Server
JONASJunior Operatives Networking As Spies (TV show)
JONASJournal of Nordic Archaeological Science (publication; Archaeological Research Laboratory; Stockholm University; Stockholm, Sweden)
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Scarcely had they gone a block, however, before Jonas was heard to give a cry, and began pointing excitedly across the street.
Tomorrow," Jurgis said, when they were left alone, "tomorrow I will get a job, and perhaps Jonas will get one also; and then we can get a place of our own.
Jonas Oldacre, I stayed at an hotel in Norwood, and came to my business from there.
Jonas Oldacre then informed me that there were a number of documents--building leases, title-deeds, mortgages, scrip, and so forth--which it was necessary that I should see and understand.
Jonas Oldacre led me into his bedroom, in which there stood a heavy safe.
Well, it corroborates the young man's story to the extent that the will was drawn up by Jonas Oldacre in his journey yesterday.
Neither my son nor I want anything from Jonas Oldacre, dead or alive
You'll hear all about Jonas in the proper time and place.
I knew, for Uncle Mark had told me, that his name was Jonas Blake, that he was a Theological Student from St.
Grant -- don't approve of Jonas, because he laughs and jokes -- and because he evidently likes the society of frivolous me better than theirs.
Why should I care what a tow-haired person called Jonas, whom I never saw before thinks of me?
But she wouldn't mind having one hat or none at all, because she would have Jonas.