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It was either you or my darn sister, and all she cares about Joni is those rock-and-roll songs from Court and Spark.
While the secret of the website solidifies the bond between Joni and Aaron, another secret collaboration strengthens Joni's and Siem's already close ties: Joni's acquiescence to Siem's plea that she provide false testimony against his son, Wilburt, which leads to Wilburt's incarceration.
And, as Tracy pulls him in for a kiss, in walks Joni to reveal that she's Robert's wife.
Both Debbie and Joni stressed how much they wanted the audience to have fun and enjoy their show this weekend.
It comes the same week Joni Juice products hit the shelves at Balducci's (they are already on shelves at Dean & DeLuca, Gourmet Garage, Zabar's, Kings and more).
Canadian-born Joni, 71, is best known for folk hits such as Big Yellow Taxi, and has won eight Grammys in a career that began in the 1960s.
To show how connectional intelligence works, Dhawan and Joni include examples of entrepreneurs such as Ben Kaufman, founder of the invention website Quirky, and Luis von Ahn, who helped create CAPTCHA (those distorted characters that websites make you enter to prove you're a real person) and then applied the system to digitizing printed words and books for the masses.
Through Joni and Friends and Sonbeams, Martie helps provide enrichment and fellowship opportunities for churches to reach individuals with disabilities.
WITH reference to Joni King's poem, a humorous plea for fame (Joni King?
The series follows longtime Midwife Joni McCann and assistant Andrea Casas as they strive to educate and empower women through home birth while being confronted with misconception, fearful relatives and an under-educated society.
One admirer, who wishes she would just stand onstage and sing, is the great Joni Mitchell.