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JOPJournal of the Pancreas (ISSN 1590-8577)
JOPJustice of the Peace
JOPJava Optimized Processor (computer hardware)
JOPJournal of Pediatrics
JOPJumping Off Point
JOPJoint Operating Procedure
JOPJustification for On-Site Performance
JOPJob Opportunity Posting
JOPJoint Optimization Problem
JOPJoy of Painting
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Implementation of the JOP law is a lengthy process.
The JOP has provided a unique way to foster international cooperation and progress in a competitive high-technology field by researchers in academe, industry and government, while protecting intellectual property in each participating country," said Judson French, director emeritus of the electronics and electrical engineering laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and U.
Research published in the JOP showed a relationship between stress and periodontal disease.
But a report by JOP of Llanaelhaearn concluded that spending pounds 596,000 on essential repair works to the present 25m, 39-year-old pool offered the best value for money.
For example, an article in the Indianapolis Recorder, a Negro weekly, reported that "all of the large downtown department stores except one have embraced the JOP Program and employed some Negroes above the usual menial categories.
Our first forum focused on sustainability and green practices within the industry, from which we launched into monthly round table discussions and presentations on a wealth of subjects including business continuity, JOP law, training in FM, and FM at design stage.
T Lahore 09-03-12 EXPECTED ARRIVAL Berthea 08-03-12 L/3000 Base Oil Fortune East 08-03-12 D/57900 Canola Lodestar Genesis 09-03-12 D/12450 Chem Oriental Freesai 09-03-12 L/200 Ethanol Alam Bakti 09-03-12 D/4000 Mogas APL Brisbane 09-03-12 Cont APL Sokhna 09-03-12 Cont YM North 09-03-12 Cont Kota Akbar 09-03-12 Cont JOP 09-03-12 D/1919 Stell
The council-commissioned consultants JOP of Llanaelhaearn, Caernarfon to prepare an appraisal report on the options.
Abu Dhabi-based Injazat, a joint venture between EDS and Mubadala, has developed a new information system called Agile JOP which u for the first time u integrates key information from each part of any homeland security system or military operation.
As a result, we expect more contracts of this type to become available, mainly in sectors not impacted by JOP law.
VAN RHYN'S former employer Colin Jenkins, managing director of Pembrokeshire civil engineers JOP, said if anyone had told him van Rhyn would have committed this type of offence beforehand he would have ``laughed in their face''.
The JOP law came into effect in Dubai in 2008, but stakeholders say its current status leaves a lot to be desired.