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JORJordan (ISO Country code)
JORJournal of Orthoptera Research
JORJob Order Request
JORJoint Operational Requirement
JORJob Operations Report
JORJacobian Overrelaxation Iterative Method
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He has a large following of the newer Galus, those most recently come up from the Kro-lu, and as this class is usually much more powerful numerically than the older Galus, and as Du-seen's ambition knows no bounds, we have for a long time been expecting him to find some excuse for a break with Jor the High Chief, my father.
A further complication lay in the fact that Duseen wanted me, while I would have none of him, and then came evidence to my father's ears that he was in league with the Wieroo; a hunter, returning late at night, came trembling to my father, saying that he had seen Du-seen talking with a Wieroo in a lonely spot far from the village, and that plainly he had heard the words: `If you will help me, I will help you--I will deliver into your hands all cos-ata-lo among the Galus, now and hereafter; but for that service you must slay Jor the High Chief and bring terror and confusion to his followers.
We may live here among them, and you will be a great warrior--oh, when Jor dies you may even be chief, for there is none so mighty as my warrior.
Yes," she answered, "If you wish it; but you know, my Tom, that if Jor captures us, both you and Co-Tan's man will pay the penalty with your lives--not even his love for me nor his admiration for you can save you.
Jor and Tan are splendid men and they will think me an ingrate; but I can't waste my life here when there is so much to be done in the outer world.
Jor felt connected to the situation in Lebanon and decided to do something about it: She made a cover of Jackson's "Care About Us," tweaked to fit the ongoing garbage crisis and all the politics wrapped inside it.
An Urdu word, Jor, meaning pair or togetherness is the basis of all of Tarangs communications as it describes the perfect combination of tea whitener in tea.
Areas such as Babar Road, Bengali Market, Sundar Nagar, Jor Bagh, Panchsheel Marg, certain parts of Chanakyapuri were added to it in 2003.
Two people deserve special recognition for their professionalism, hard work, and tireless contributions toward making JOR the success it is today.
In terms of apartment sales prices, Abdoun saw a 13 per cent jump during Q1 2014, where the price per square metre for sought after properties rose to 1,325 JOR per square metre.
If you've already fired blanks through the short barrel check the inner rail jor cracks.
Bowler Jor Ortag competes in the pro division of the Celebrity Pro-Am fund-raiser at AMF Rocket Lanes in Chatsworth.