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JORGJunior Officer Requiring Guidance (US Navy slang; aka George)
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Prior innovations introduced by Jorg Breuning include introduction of the German FLL Green Roof Guideline.
I thought I would need several lessons to begin with, but Jorg encouraged me to go for it, and he was right.
While their identities lie with their jobs and families, Jorg will forever be The Terrorist.
Jorg "The Hammer" Albertz spent five years at Ibrox after signing in 1996 for pounds 4million.
says: "We have found a first-class manager in Jorg Deisel, who will
Contact: Society for Global Change 2009 Jorg Buschbeck, President +49-37-29-16-78-22 E-Mail: jb@global-change-2009.
T may not be on the scale of David Beckham's replica shirt world domination, but Clyde are hoping their signing of Rangers legend Jorg Albertz can be profitable.
The Guernsey driver took two second places in Curitiba as Jorg Muller and local driver Augusto Farfus both took first and third-place finishes in the two outings.
With concise texts in German and English, including a contribution by the great German engineer Jorg Schlaich, this is a coffee table book which, happily, is well worth opening, and marks another chapter in Dechau's commingling of architecture, engineering and photography.
It was hard at first to figure out just what was going on in the four large paintings of interiors that Leipzig-based artist Jorg Lozek presented, along with four portraits, in his recent US solo debut at Sandroni Rey.
Here's a 'pictionary' of New York's varied architectural styles, along with histories and trivia to accompany photography Jorg Brockmann's lovely black and white shots.
Softness and absorbency are indeed key properties of high-quality tissue, according to Jorg Baubock, R & D manager tissue machines, Andritz, Graz/Austria.