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It is likely that students' knowledge of counseling and their appraisals of the appropriateness of help seeking are based on inaccurate information gathered from media and other sources (Crisp, Gelder, Rix, Meltzer, & Rowlands, 2000; Jorm et al.
Jorm (2012) reviewed 20 years of MHL research and posited significant links between higher education, continuing education efforts, and MHL rates.
As well as the CES-D, the participants completed the Depression Stigma Scale (Griffiths, Christensen, Jorm, Evans, & Groves, 2004), Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help (Fischer & Turner, 1970), and the Somatic Symptoms Questionnaire (Ryder et al.
Studies have shown hospital-acquired complications in older adults to be as high as 36%, significantly higher than in those who are younger (Aitken, Burmeister, Lang, Chaboye, & Richmond, 2010; Rowell, Nghiem, Jorm, & Jackson, 2010; Soop, Fryksmark, Koster, & Haglund, 2009).
Lee & Suh, 2010), which is only half the proportion found in Western societies (Angermeyer & Matschinger, 2003; Jorm et al.
Christensen, Griffiths, & Jorm, 2004), Na decada de 90 foi criada a Global Measure of Relationship Satisfaction (GMREL; Lawrance & Byers, 1995) cujo estudo para as evidencias de validade e precisao nos propomos fazer no presente trabalho.
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Further, gender differences are also evident here too, where men with mental health problems are perceived by those without mental illness problems to be more dangerous or unpredictable than women with mental health issues (Judd, Komiti, & Jackson, 2008; Reavley & Jorm, 2011).