JORNJindalee Operational Radar Network
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Its primary draw is the sheer visual impact of Jorn's works of the 1960s, which are punctuated with some highlights from the previous decade, such as Les spectateurs et l'assassin de Lurs, 1953, which illustrates the shocking murder of a British tourist family that was uncovered while Jorn was in Switzerland.
Jorn Weisbrodt: Jorinde Voigt's craftsmanship and the complexity of her work are simply stunning.
We can see that minced meat is the focus of considerable attention among consumers, both as regards its fat content and quality", added Jorn Madsen.
Last year's Norwegian Grand Prix winner and defending European Champion, Jorn Tandberg, set the quickest time in the final minutes of the opening practice session.
ILLUMINATING: Dr Jorn Hurum speaks to reporters as a photo of the 47-million-year-old fossilised remains of a creature is projected on a screen during a news conference at the American Museum of Natural History
A Tribute to Jorn Utzon, edited by Martin Keiding, Copenhagen, Architektens Forlag, 2008, 198 Danish kroner www.
Mesa Air Group named Jorn Bates chief operating officer of Mesa Airlines.
As part of the changes, Jorn Bates has been appointed as chief operating officer of Mesa Airlines; Joe Serratelli has been appointed chief operating officer of Freedom Airlines, following a career of more than 25 years with Delta Air Lines.
Artists such as the notorious Marquis de Sade, whose depictions of sadomasochistic sexual escapades were a major source of inspiration for the surrealists, a phenomenon that absorbed philosophers like Mikhail Bakhtin and Georges Bataille and Denmark's most famous artist Asger Jorn.
Jorn Ebner is coming to the end of his two-year spell as lead artist for Newcastle's Ouseburn regeneration team.
We will take precise measurements before our next game against Dortmund and make sure the crossbar is at the right height,' said Hamburg press officer Jorn Wolf.