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JOSAJournal of the Optical Society of America
JOSASeaman Apprentice, Journalist Striker (Naval Rating)
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JosA Mourinho said: "It is important to have players made in Chelsea for the future of the club.
Those who should have seen JosA Carreras at the Galpharm Stadium on June 9 could do worse than shrug off the disappointment and buy a ticket to see instead this rising young singing star.
JosA Gonzales, Swedish singer-songwriter, Newcastle City Hall ( tel (0191) 261-2606
JosA Mourinho acknowledged that Chelsea have "almost" clinched a second successive Premiership title after their 3-0 win over Everton at Stamford Bridge yesterday.
Dyma gyfle arall i fwynhau cyngerdd hanesyddol y Tri Tenor - JosA Carreras, Placido Domingo a Luciano Pavarotti - o'r Ddinas Wahareddig ym mhrifddinas China, Beijing.
PARAGUAY'S former international keeper JosA Luis Chilavert holds the record with 62 goals in his career - almost all from free kicks and penalities.
Through his hard work and diligence Petty Officer Ball was advanced from JOSA to JO1 in less than four years, during some very competitive advancement cycles.
In April 1995, President JosA Figueres, of the powerful National Liberation Party (PLN), sought to advance economic reforms by securing an agreement with the opposition.
BERNARDO JOSA QUILEZ Sundried Tomatoes in Olive Oil from Bernardo Josa Quilez add flavor to a variety of recipes.
Even if she goes on leave, she plans to go around and visit the courts to assure that the staff and employees and judges of the judiciary that she's alright and she does not intend to resign and that she's here for the long haul,' lawyer Josa Deinla told the media.
In a statement, lawyer Josa Deinla, one of the spokespersons of the chief justice, reminded Mallari that Sereno holds the fifth highest position of the land and "can only be removed through an impeachment proceeding, and not through a quo warranto proceeding.